What is the masterbatch in the carbon black conductive masterbatch?

2020-05-12 797

Masterbatch is a kind of plastic processing aid developed in 1980s. It is composed of chemical aid, carrier plastic and dispersant.

Masterbatch refers to the granular material produced by mixing, melting, extruding and pelletizing the masterbatch and the carrier plastic through the extruder in order to operate conveniently and blend all kinds of auxiliaries, carrier plastics and dispersants needed, and adjust the proportion of masterbatch and carrier plastics.


The masterbatch can be divided into filling masterbatch and functional masterbatch. Filling masterbatch is mainly used for all kinds of plastic products, such as plastic film, plastic bottle, etc., which plays the role of filling and reduces the cost. Functional masterbatch is a general colorant in the production process. It can produce colorful fibers, wires and cables, household appliances, etc. It can also have anti ultraviolet function.

Article origin: Taishan conductive masterbatch


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