How to make modified plastics flame retardant?

2020-05-12 832

Modified plastics can be seen everywhere in our life. With the continuous improvement of the performance of plastic materials and the requirements of lightweight products, plastic materials are widely used in construction, furniture, transportation, aviation, aerospace, electrical appliances and other aspects. In many occasions, the materials are required to have flame retardancy, the more commonly used occasions are electronic appliances, and the automobile industry is required to have flame retardancy.

The flame-retardant raw materials depend on its heat absorption, covering, non combustible gas suffocation and chain reaction inhibition. The endothermic effect is that under high temperature, the flame retardant has a strong endothermic reaction, which absorbs part of the heat released by combustion, reduces the temperature of the combustible surface, effectively inhibits the generation of combustible gas, and prevents the spread of combustion. The covering effect is that after adding flame retardants into combustible materials, the flame retardant can form glass or stable foam covering at high temperature, and isolate oxygen, which has the functions of heat insulation, oxygen isolation and preventing flammable gas from escaping outward, thereby achieving the purpose of flame retardancy.


When the flame retardant is heated, it will decompose the non combustible gas and dilute the concentration of the combustible gas decomposed by the combustible to the lower limit of combustion. At the same time, it can also dilute the oxygen concentration in the combustion zone, prevent the combustion from continuing, and achieve the flame retardant effect. According to the chain reaction theory of combustion, free radicals are needed to maintain combustion. The flame retardant can act on the gas-phase combustion area to capture the free radicals in the combustion reaction, thus preventing the spread of the flame, reducing the flame density in the combustion area, and finally reducing the combustion reaction speed until the end.

Article origin: Taishan conductive masterbatch

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