Function and application of carbon black of flame retardant masterbatch

2020-05-12 754

Carbon black of flame retardant masterbatch is a kind of very fine amorphous carbon powder with carbon element as the main body, which can be produced by incomplete incineration or thermal differentiation of organic compounds with more carbon, such as oil, natural gas and oil. Carbon black is divided into furnace carbon black, tank carbon black, hot cracking carbon black and acetylene carbon black due to different production methods. Adding acetylene carbon black or conductive furnace black to PVC and other plastic products can reduce the external resistance of products and have antistatic effect. Carbon black is also a black agent for plastics.

The conductivity of carbon black with open masterbatch as conductive filler is related to its specific surface deposit, structure and surface chemistry. These basic physical properties and filling amount also play a decisive role in the conductivity of composite materials.


The specific surface product is the sum of the external and internal surface (pore) areas of carbon black particles. The larger the surface product is, the smaller the carbon black particle size is, and the more particles per unit volume are. The simpler it is to touch each other to form a conductive network path, the better the conductivity. At the same filling amount, the resistivity increases with the increase of carbon black particle size. In conductive plastic products, carbon black particles are too small, because of the small shear force after plastic plasticization, the poor dispersion, resulting in reduced electrical and mechanical functions of the products, so it is necessary to control the carbon black particle size within a certain range, in order to obtain practical products. The particle size distribution of carbon black also has a certain influence on the electrical function of composite data. The carbon black particles with wide particle size distribution can give more information electric function than those with narrow particle size distribution. There are many particles in wide dispersion carbon black under the same component. Although the size of agglomerates is slightly reduced due to the higher bulk density, but the number is more. Many agglomerates reduce the uniform gap width and increase the conductivity. Large aggregate and wide dispersion of carbon black can give carbon black filled conductive plastics more excellent conductive function.

Article origin: Taishan conductive masterbatch

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