Composition detection of conductive masterbatch formula

2020-05-12 759

Plastic conductive masterbatch formula, conductive masterbatch composition detection, plastic modification skills, PVC stabilizer and other plastic additives formula recovery service, reduce development costs.

Professional supply of technical solutions, dealing with plastic film, cold spots and other questions, providing services for plastic stretching, twists and turns, aging function testing, etc

Supply material composition test, including plastic masterbatch, electrical shell, plastic bag, plastic plate, plastic gear and other plastic products, to help you know the raw material composition and reduce production cost.


Analysis of formula of conductive masterbatch: all compounds have unique spectrum structure and peak height. Compared with human fingerprint, it has specificity, invariability and measurability. After the separation of the mixture, a relatively single component can be obtained. After evaluation, pretreatment, instrument analysis, spectrum library matching and secondary verification, sample analysis is carried out. More than 10 large and small instruments such as NMR, XRF, IR, GC-MS are used to obtain accurate spectrum information and reverse analysis formula.

Microspectrum advantages:

1. The combination of IR, NMR, GC-MS and X-ray fluorescence spectrum has high precision;

Second, it has the analysis team from the famous universities in China, with the national CMA Testing experience, which is trustworthy;

Article origin: Taishan conductive masterbatch

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