Application of Taishan conductive PP masterbatch in household appliances

2020-05-12 748

Taishan conductive PP masterbatch is one of the preferred plastics in the household electrical appliances industry due to its low density, good chemical resistance, low price and excellent comprehensive performance. Its consumption accounts for about 30%. With the continuous emergence of personalized and intelligent household appliances, the application and modification of PP in household appliances also put forward higher requirements.

I. green: coating free modified PP material. The process is relatively simple, more environmental friendly, more economical, and has the characteristics of high gloss, easy forming, scratch resistance, recyclability, etc.

II. Safety: meet the requirements of unattended electrical appliances flame retardant modified PP materials


III. health: in order to reduce the cost, the liner materials of dishwasher or juice machine and other household appliances are mostly made of conductive and antistatic PP materials. After multiple uses, the liner is easy to appear dirty. The reason is the surface color change caused by the liner material directly contacting with juice, food residue, food seasoning, etc. So conductive antistatic PP can avoid this problem.

4. Lightweight: it has good dimensional stability, excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and excellent fatigue resistance.

Article origin: Taishan conductive PP Masterbatch

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