The cause of drawing of permanent antistatic Masterbatch

2020-05-12 764

When adding permanent anti-static masterbatch, the phenomenon of wire drawing will occur, so what is the cause?

First of all, we should think that the raw material contains water. In the drawing process of permanent antistatic masterbatch, there are bubbles and broken wires. Therefore, attention should be paid to water-proof, moisture-proof, ventilation and direct sunlight. Materials with high moisture content shall be dried before use.


The second is that the thermal traction ratio is not appropriate. The traction ratio is too small, the wire is not fully stretched, and the tension is small. If the hot traction ratio is large and exceeds the limit value of the wire, the wire will break.

The third is that the hot water tank is too short, and the wire fails to reach the maximum value of the anti static resistance ignition masterbatch after overheating traction.

The fourth is the screw speed or fast or slow, traction can not automatically adjust the speed. Causes the silk thickness to be different, affects the silk pulling force or the broken silk.

Article origin: Taishan conductive masterbatch

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