Application of conductive plastics

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Application of conductive plastics

Conductive plastics have been widely used not only in anti-static additives, computer anti electromagnetic screen and intelligent window, but also in LED, solar cell, mobile phone, micro TV screen and life science research. In addition, the combination of conductive plastics and nanotechnology will promote the rapid development of molecular electronics. In the future, human beings can not only greatly improve the computing speed of computers, but also reduce the size of computers. As a result, it is predicted that future laptops will fit into watches.

2.1. Plastic chip: future applications are everywhere

A team led by Professor Mark dilmid, an American physicist and the discoverer of conductive plastics, has developed nano electronic circuits using ordinary plastics. The cost of this kind of nano electronic circuit is very low. The cost of a nano electronic circuit board is only 1 cent, which is 1% ~ 10% of the price of silicon chip. Now, they are developing a nano material, polyaniline fiber, with a diameter of only 1 / 500 of the hair. If they can combine the nano conductive fiber with the nano electronic circuit, they can make the computer very small.


2.2 plastic solar cell

At present, scientists have developed a new type of plastic solar cell. Because of its low price and light weight, it is naturally favored. Its storage capacity is twice that of the traditional alkaline battery, and its voltage is even 100 times higher. In terms of charging, plastic solar cells and traditional batteries can be said to be as fast; and the power supply time is as long. This kind of battery is more stable, more efficient and has a much longer service life. It can be used for up to two and a half years. In the near future, plastic solar cells will be widely used

In a word, conductive plastics can be used in many ways, like electronic newspapers: truly experiencing the information age . application of conductive materials in automobile oil way, energy worry free: plastic battery, Samsung's largest engineering plastic LCD, a new generation of conductive polymer instead of chromium compound, atofina's conductive nylon for automobile, GE's heat-resistant conductive resin, and America's new conductive TPE products.

Article origin: Taishan conductive masterbatch

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