Five characteristics of modified plastics

2020-05-12 711

Modified plastics have been used in more and more low-cost areas with their superior cost performance. It can be said that modified plastics have become a trend of cost, and the back of this trend implies the following five elements:

High function: modified plastics not only have the advantages of traditional plastics, such as low density, corrosion resistance, etc., but also have excellent physical and mechanical functions, such as high strength, high toughness, high impact resistance, wear resistance and earthquake resistance. In addition, the progress of plastic inductive function provides the foundation for the wide use of its inferior category.

Low cost: compared with other materials, plastic (conductive masterbatch) benefits from the advantages of high production efficiency and low density, with lower cost. The cost per unit volume of plastic is only about one tenth of that of metal.


Government policy: the "3C" compulsory certification standard promoted by China strictly regulates the safety function of the products in the catalogue, and then promotes the wide use of flame-retardant plastics in household appliances, it, communications and other fields.

Cost promotion: with the progress of living standards, we began to seek more and more outstanding commodity functions. We need household appliances and other commodities to be more beautiful, safe and economical. Then we need higher requirements for the upstream plastic industry, which requires its very good processing function, mechanical function, economy and safety.

Skill elements: more than 1000 kinds of polymers have been found in the world, but only a few dozen of them are of real use value. The development of new polymers is not only infinite in investment, but also unclear in application prospect. On the contrary, modification skills can not only improve the function of existing polymers to get used to the needs of industry, together can reduce the cost of some high priced engineering plastics, and become plastics The effective way of industry.

Article origin: Taishan conductive masterbatch

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