What is ABS black conductive masterbatch?

2020-05-12 704

As a kind of medium and high-end material, conductive masterbatch has been presented and developed in the market, but only in recent years.

Of course, as we all know, it's not easy to get the big fat sheep in the electricity material market skillfully.

Before I think many companies that need to do conductive and antistatic products use antistatic liquid to complete the antistatic effect.


For a long time, the mechanism of antistatic agent is to use hydrophilic group to absorb water in the air. And this kind of antistatic agent is usually mainly liquid. The price is cheap and convenient. However, due to its anti-static effect on the humidity of the air, its function is greatly affected by the climate. In other words, its antistatic function is not stable.

Therefore, in the case of seeking stability, we still focus on increasing conductive carbon black. Although the antistatic effect of conductive carbon black is relatively stable, it is more time-consuming in processing technology, and the environmental pollution is relatively large. In addition, the color of the work in progress is very constrained - only black products can be made.

Gradually by conducting carbon black guide electric color masterbatch over. Of course, at present, the color of the conductive color masterbatch is still mainly black, through conductive carbon black to complete the role of conductive antistatic.

The black conductive masterbatch is mainly composed of ABS data as carrier, high-efficiency conductive carbon black and conductive synergist. It can participate in more than 25% of the masterbatch and make the product resistivity reach 103-8. It is applied to ABS products.

Article origin: Taishan conductive masterbatch


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