What are the specific applications of Taishan conductive masterbatch?

2020-05-12 760

Many products in our life need to use conductive masterbatch plastic, so what are its specific applications? Let's talk about it!

Conductive masterbatch plastic is a kind of functional polymer material which mixes resin and conductive material and processes by plastic processing. It has been developed rapidly not only in antistatic additive, computer anti electromagnetic screen and intelligent window, but also in LED, solar cell, mobile phone, micro TV screen and life science research.


In addition, the combination of conductive masterbatch plastics and nanotechnology will promote the rapid development of molecular electronics. In the future, human beings can not only greatly improve the computing speed of computers, but also reduce the size of computers. As a result, it is predicted that future laptops will fit into watches.

Plastic is generally considered to be very poor in conductivity, so it is used to make the insulating coat of wires. But Australian researchers have found that when a very thin metal film is covered on a plastic layer and mixed into the polymer surface by ion beam, a plastic film with low price, high strength, good toughness and conductivity can be generated.

Article origin: Taishan conductive masterbatch


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