Application of antistatic masterbatch in injection molding

2020-05-12 790

Antistatic masterbatch is a kind of masterbatch, which is produced by high-speed mixing of carrier and antistatic system, injection molding and extrusion, and grain cutting, and is used to reduce the surface resistance of materials. So what kind of application does antistatic masterbatch have in injection molding?


First of all, the antistatic masterbatch has excellent antistatic performance, good stability and processing performance, which fundamentally solves the problem of dust collection in the injection molding process of plastic products. And because of its excellent insulation, it can produce other antistatic products. It is easy to operate and use. Because of its simple use, excellent performance and stable quality, the application of antistatic masterbatch in injection molding is still effective.

Article origin: Taishan conductive masterbatch

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