Factors affecting conductive plastics and conductive properties

2020-05-12 805

Because most of the conductive plastics used now are composite structures, the conductive plastic resistance film to be discussed by the project team is an apt resin plastic filled with conductive graphite, so only the primary factors affecting the composite conductive plastics and conductive functions are explained here. The influence of different types of fillers on the volume resistivity of polycarbonate is shown in Figure 1. It can be seen from the figure that with the addition of filler content, the volume resistivity of data decreases and the conductivity is added. Moreover, for different types of conductive fillers, when the content reaches a certain critical value, the volume resistivity of data slows down. Therefore, there is an upper limit for conductive fillers, not more is better.


The manufacturing process of the conductive plastic displacement sensor includes the manufacturing process of sensitive resistance, brush assembly, shell and other components, and the whole detection process of the sensor. Manufacturing process parameters have a great influence on the function of the sensor, so choosing a reasonable process is one of the key factors to ensure the quality of the sensor. The sensitive resistance of the sensor is the center of its structure. There are two kinds of manufacturing processes, spraying and printing. Spraying method is mainly used in China and printing method is mainly used in foreign countries. The former has high requirements for post repair and low qualification rate of finished products, which also has certain impact on the environment, and is suitable for manual production with low cost; the latter can achieve high initial resistance precision, and is easy to repair and carve in the later stage with high automation, but requires large equipment investment, which is suitable for mass production. The manufacturing process of other parts has no special features. Like most fine machining, it only requires high machining accuracy and high electrical insulation function requirements. As for the whole detection process, the corresponding detection process specification shall be confirmed according to the different requirements of sensor application function, so as to ensure the sensor quality is reliable and common.

Article origin: Taishan conductive masterbatch


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