Why can conductive plastics conduct electricity?

2020-05-12 777

Conductive plastics are generally divided into structural and composite conductive plastics. Structural data synthesis process is more complex, cost is higher, and now the price is quite expensive. It is a kind of true conductive plastic. Once the development breaks through the technical bottleneck, it will bring an unimaginable impact on our lives.

The composite type is composed of conductive materials and polymer materials. It is a kind of functional polymer material which has been widely used. This kind of metal like plastic is a kind of composite conductive polymer material. It is made of polyethylene, polypyrrole, polysyphene, polyaniline and other polymer plastics doped with some ions, after special treatment and response, and has the advantages of both conductor and plastic.


Scientists think that plastic is a high polymer. There are many carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms in the molecule, which connect the long chain hand in hand. Carbon atoms have the ability to "pull" one or more electrons from each other. Pulling a few electron carbon atoms, the ability to control the electron is relatively weak. It is simply taken away by the dopant, leaving a vacancy. It's like a parking lot full of cars. Once one car leaves the parking lot from the exit, another car can enter. When a certain voltage is applied to the outside, the electrons near the vacancy in the polymer molecules will enter the vacancy and form a new vacancy, so that alternating current flows continuously.

The plastic battery made of conductive plastic works like sponge to absorb water. When discharging, the electrode squeezes electrons; when charging, the electrode also absorbs electrons. In this way, the electrode will not dissolve with any chemical reaction of "solution". Therefore, the charging and discharging time is fast and the service life is long. Using it as car power can greatly improve the speed and climbing function; weaving it in the clothing lining can generate heat and cold resistance instead of down jacket; using it to make room wall panel can actively adjust the room temperature; even using it to drive the electronic computer.

Conductive plastics also have other "unique skills": in the display, it can make itself change color; in the anti electromagnetic wave dry closing device, it has the ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation; it can also deal with the static electricity of electronic, chemical, precision instruments and other industries. Japan has also developed a kind of floor material containing carbon aluminum alloy type conductive fiber and conductive plastic, which can be moved, assembled, poured and bonded. With this kind of floor, the static electricity on the human body will run underground and will not bring danger to people and machines.

Article origin: Taishan conductive masterbatch


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